User Research + Task Definition + Performance Criteria
Visual Perception class: Professor Zender BY: Ezz Osman, Megan Sullivan, Bennett Nestok

Project Description:
1) Define a task (using the copier in the School of Design Office)
2) Conduct a “think aloud / role play” user test
3) Transcribe, code, and analyze data
4) Define task steps and interface objects
5) Assign hierarchy to interface objects
6) Design and test a revised interface
New Interface, V1 & V1B: Test Results:

Overall Critique:
Main page (COPY, SCAN, FAX) may be unnecessary
Keep related navigation items (breadcrumbing) in consistent area of screen.
Ideas Going Forward:
Nix main page.
Move related navigation items (e.g., EMAIL) to consistent area of screen.
Add step in between format and format type, for continuity.
Make second-to-last DONE button pop out more.
User #1: Went to scan first, then settings, then e-mail. Tried color choosing and resolution. Followed steps to complete task based off of steps in CGC scanners
User #2: Went straight to JPEG (not format)
User #3: Went straight to JPEG also (not format)
User #4: Correctly went to e-mail, went to format, went to JPEG correctly, clicked e-mail rather than DONE after inputting
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