A Hub is an object or a space that connects things from the same category together. like the Wheel Hub, USB Hub, or the Creative Hub. As in this hub we will connect artists & designers from all over the world to share creativity through Art & Design. 

The main idea of the project is creating different hubs all over the world focusing on Art & Design, producing creative artists, designers, and entrepreneurs through exchanging cultures and interactivity between them and between the people living in their context. This project will focus on: the Egyptian Hub, to develop Egyptian’s creativity and perceiving Art & Design. As this project will help the people of Kabbary to inspire & get inspired from the proposed Hub in a way that makes them aware of the cultural changes around them.
The Art & Design Creative hub is not preferred to be in the downtown or the center point of the city due to pollution, congestion, and a lack of inspirational resources and clarity that affects creativity its way. 

To preserve the industrial archeology in this area (Al-Kabbary) focused on some English storage buildings through reusing them (Rehabilitation) besides building a new contemporary spaces that interacts positively with the current buildings, with the place in general, and with requirements of the project. 

LOCATIONAl-Kabbary (Minet El-Basal).Alexandria, Egypt

Why this location?
Now this place is totally useless except as a pathway to people living in (Kafr Ashry) going to their work and back home again every day. Taking this as an advantage & putting A Creative Art & Design Hub in a specific area will help the
people living there inspire and get inspired through not only perceiving art & design in different way every day but also being interactive with the hub, sharing materials, ideas & creativity. 

Mass production has been always known as producing a very large amount of a product with no Varity & with less beauty. Masterpieces known as the best the artist or the designer can produce in a single artwork. Putting the Art & Design hub in an industrial place will make both sides think in a contradictory way by accepting the other side & interacting with them. 

Believing that “Brain storming produces creativity” & “Curiosity about life with all of its aspects stills the secret of creative person” We’ve put this issue in considerations trying to achieve this concept not only between designers & artists all over the world but also in a way that makes them interact with the surrounding industrial environment to inspire and get inspired Through interacting in informal classes, open spaces and with different cultures. Seeing the art & design through different perspectives could help them produce a new kind of art & design. 

Pressure kills creativity.

Trying to get people from the laggard point back to the innovation point, Believing that everyone is creative but afraid to show their creativity. And day life pressure kills creativity so people want to release the children within themse.
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