Some of my architectural and urban design school projects. 
Art & Design Hub: 2010
Abstract art portable exhibition: 2010
In terms of green Architecture and sustainability, I’ve put in considerations using recycled materials.
Colors represent a major element of life as it could bring you from sadness to happiness, the abstract colored art exhibition in this project is designed to bring you in different moods as the artist needs.
Kom el Dikka Urban Planning: 2010
Being a witness of 5 different great historical civilizations, “Kom El Dikka” has great potentials to be a fantastic touristic site. In order to develop “Kom El Dikka” as a whole we should not only improve the site itself as we should also try to establish a better living environment for the citizens. Our target is to fulfill the current needs of the site by reviving it as a historical centre without neglecting its urban fabric and human identity. We do not seek to establish a materialistic commercial touristic site where “income and outcome” would be the main factor but  we seek to revive the site with its true historical values. 

Five Stars Hotel Design
Emergent Architecture Presentation
Accumilation workshop (Art & Science)
Emergency Hospital Design
Urban Analysis Research
Industrial High School
Zaha Hadid Office Building Design proposl
Space Shuttle Museum: 2008
Choosing elliptical shape represents orbits in space. elliptical path is studied to enhance the feeling of flying around the earth as the visitor goes around the masterpiece centered at the center point of the ellipse.
Curvy lines are considered for the flow of circulation.  
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