This project is a collaboration between YAAY! visualization studio in Basel and the school of DAAP in Cincinnati.
My challenge was to find a connection between Pins and Vandalism within DAAP territory.

Final visualization had to me achieved manually using any available material in two days including developing the concept, making the connection, collecting the data and installing the artwork.

The connection between Vandalism and Pins could be found in communication. Both are ways of communicating a message in different ways. Vandalism is a vulgar way of self expression and communicating a message to the public, while pins are used on boards for pinning posters / flyers etc. 
The art work shows the territory of DAAP and tries to explore and visualize various ways of how Daapers communicate messages across school through vandalism or pins on each floor, percentage of pin boards, how much filled each one, also free pins on each board. On the other side, explores Graffiti as an act of vandalism, where graffiti been applied, furniture, lockers, studio walls, overall density, etc. 
Allowing workshop participants to illustrate some grafffiti around canvas, (on vandalism side), a concept that shows how people are participating in vandalism are not following the rules of the canvas border.
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