Curiosity about life in all of its aspects is a kicking child inside of me. My enthusiasm has always been driving me with a real belief in inspiration, perspiration, and diversity. An enthusiasm of a child going to Disneyland helps me push the limits of infinity, break the boundaries, inspire & get inspired. My endless passion for art and design has been driving me from success to another through various achievements in the creative field. I've been following the quote “See to think, think to design, and design to live,” believing that the design process is not only solving nowadays problems, but it's also a way of making a better life for the future.

-Artificial Intelligence: Implications for business strategy. MIT 2019.
-Master of Design, DAAP, University of Cincinnati 2016.
-B.Sc Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University 2010.
-SEGD member (Society for Experiential Graphic Design). 2014-present.
-1st Prize Winner in Defining a Creative Hub Competition. Domus Academy 2010.
-Boeing filed 6 patents of my team’s final concepts with LiveWell collaborative 2015-2016.
-Participated in various workshops, trainings and exhibitions in HCD, design, photography and art.
-Volunteering at NGOs and initiatives for developing the community.

Specialties: Experiential design, Creative and Conceptual Ideations, Concept Development, User Experience design, Design strategies, Visual Designs, Branding and Graphic identities.


Tel: +1 513 833 3525
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